Argan black soap with argan oil

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Black soap- 100% natural olive oil and argan oil soap, which doesn't contain any artificial aromatizers, dye, paraben or any other chemicals. It's considered one of the most healthiest soaps in the world! Black soap since the old times has been used in Africa as a daily body and face product. This soap won't make the skin dry, it will give it a natural shine and moisturize it. Great for getting rid of the dead skin cells. For a better result, recommended to use it with "Kessa peeling" glove.

Product instructions: For a daily use, rub the soap all over your skin and rinse it off after. While doing a recovery procedure, warm up your body and then rub soap on your skin and hold it on for 3-5 minutes and then with circular motion cleanse your skin with "Kessa peeling" glove.

Capacity - 200ml

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